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The planet is running out of food. In an attempt to end world hunger, a group of scientists have developed a product that is in itself alive. Though fully capable of fulfilling its designed purpose, this product—this entity, dubbed Creature—is becoming intelligent and dangerous. Even worse, the government now sees its potential use as a biological weapon.

Colleen Sans, the scientist in charge of studying and training the entity as it evolves, has developed a strange relationship with Creature behind the walls of a secret government research facility. When she and security officer Frank Vagyoczki learn the government wants to use Creature for military purposes, they escape and take Creature to an undisclosed location. Now Colleen and Frank must not only deal with their personal attraction to each other while defending against military offenses, but also must work to discover the true nature of Creature. But will they find a way to stay one step ahead of their pursuers and keep Creature from becoming a tool for destruction before it is too late?


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